WOW Shadowlands: Shards of Domination

2021-07-02 00:00:00

WOW players are finally getting closer to the much-anticipated showdown with Sylvanas Windrunner herself, while dreading the next story arc revolving the beloved king, Anduin Wrynn.


As we count the days towards Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination, recent reports have revealed that a new gear socket system will be introduced into the game.


Aptly called Shards of Domination, these new ‘gems’ are somewhat similar to the mechanics currently in place for Path of Exile (POE), where a Shard will only correspond with a Domination socket on your gear.


Not only that, if you equip three Shards of the same element on your particular character, you will get a nice passive effect which buffs you depending on the combination in place.


Bear in mind though, these ‘item set’ effects will only work in the Maw and Torghast, to alleviate balancing issues in the game.


While wearing three Shards of the same element, your character will receive a ‘Rune Word’ buff – this will be the passive skill in question.


Only one Shard will be able to be slotted into one gear at a time, with which only a random selection of gear drops will award you with a Domination socket.


Essentially, your character will only be able to equip a maximum of five (5) Shards at once, with which each will need to be slotted into each individual gear that your character wears, be it:


· Helm

· Shoulder

· Chest

· Two selections of gear depending on your class:

o Wrists and Hands (Plate)

o Waist and Feet (Mail)

o Hands and Feet (Leather)

o Wrists and Waist (Cloth)


A total of nine (9) Shards of Domination will be available in the game later, while there is a possibility of more coming in the future.


To avoid your character becoming too overpowered (OP), you will need to decide on the combination of five (5) Shards from the total nine (9).


Well, that is IF you would like to do so, depending on your current character build which may be affected if you would need to change your equipment to compensate for the Shard benefits.


Guess we’ll just have to wait a little bit more in order to find out ourselves, come July 2021.


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