WOW: Anduin Wrynn's CGI model

2021-03-17 00:00:00

Senior Surfacing Artist Wey Wong mainly worked on the cinematic videos for WoW: Battle for Azeroth. He gave the legendary WoW hero Anduin Wrynn a realistic face and also provided fantastic lighting and magic effects in other WoW cinematics.

His CGI masterpieces have shaped our image of Anduin Wrynn. Wey Wong says the following about his work:

This is my Anduin and Shalamayne sword surfacing works for the World of Warcraft Cinematics. 

I was the show lead on these projects and my works on this character was texture painting and look development on this character with realistic skin and armor textures, materials and shaders. All the textures was done in Mari and Photoshop, the materials and render was in Renderman.

We first saw this realistic version of Anduin Wrynn in the cinematic trailer for Battle for Azeroth, when the king led the Alliance forces in the Battle of Lordaeron. 

The fire of Teldrassil and the fall of Undercity were the highlights of the Fourth War that broke out between the Horde and the Alliance according to WoW: Legion. 

As the leader of the Alliance, Anduin supported his soldiers with light magic. The scene in which the young king conjures up the light on the battlefield is simply legendary! 

Anduin's appearance finally appealed to Blizzard's developers so much that they repeated the scene in Shadowlands. 

You can certainly remember the video at the end of the introductory quest, when Anduin defied the jailer with the same spell.

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