WOW: Doctors without Borders Charity Pet Program

2021-03-04 00:00:00

In support of a great cause during this current COVID-19 pandemic, WOW developers at Blizzard have decided to launch a new donation campaign in support of selected humanitarian organizations across the world.


This year, it was announced during Blizzconline 2021 that a new Charity Pet Program will be launched to support Doctors without Borders/ Médecins sans frontières (MSF) in their efforts to treat unfortunate families across the globe.


Similar to last year’s Charity Pet Program, two in-game pets will be available for you to unlock once certain milestones are cumulatively achieved. The possible rewards are:


1. Bananas – a rare pet chimp which was only available by owning the WOW Trading Card Game: Through the Dark Portal expansion

2. Daisy – a cute, slouching sloth hanging over the player’s back


However, what is different this time around is that donation counts will tally together by all players in the game, allowing you to donate as much money as you want to support MSF’s cause.


This will also make things easier for everyone in the game to obtain both pets, as cumulative donation counts will be calculated towards a combined milestone set for each pets (Bananas for the initial tier, Daisy for the stretch goal).


If you are wondering who Doctors without Borders (MSF) are, they are an international non-profit organization (NGO) previously founded in France whom have dedicated their efforts, time and money to save countless others trapped in countries under political violence and improper health controls.


They have been present for around 49 years now, with on-going humanitarian efforts in Africa, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Yemen amongst their current dedicated endeavours towards saving lives, for the past five (5) years.


If you are looking for a new companion to accompany you in your travels throughout the world of Azeroth and The Maw, supporting this year’s Charity Pet Program would undoubtedly be the best way to go.


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