WoW A Monks Dedication towards Peace Class Introduction

2021-11-04 00:00:00

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Unlike other character classes available in WoW, the Monk is possibly the best in unarmed combat besides being splendid wielders of other ‘peaceful’ weapons for ‘non-negotiable’ engagements.




Together with the Mists of Pandaria expansion, the Monk class followed great enthusiasm and fanfare after its inclusion into the WoW franchise.


Capable of playing as any of the ‘Holy Trinity’ roles for online parties (Tank, Healer, DPS), Monks are able to learn a variety of different skills and abilities which allow the flexibility for you to decide on the best playstyle that you would like to adopt while playing it.


Here are some pointers to help you decide whether the Monk class is worth testing out or not:


· Special class that is capable of playing all party roles (Tank, Healer, DPS)

· Abilities are powered from sources like Chi, Energy and Mana

· Wears Leather Armour to allow ease of movement during combat

· Able to utilize unique skills respective of a chosen deity from the August Celestials

· Wields Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords, Polearms and Staves


The Monk class has three (3) Class Specializations that you are able to concentrate upon as well, each being:


· Brewmaster

o You are a strong fighter that uses Brews to empower yourself while dishing out powerful attacks and abilities to save allies.


· Mistweaver

o Tapping into unnatural forces and energy, this specialization focuses on healing attributes to support party members.


· Windwalker

o Emphasizing more on unrivalled fighting prowess, you benefit from special abilities and techniques to neutralize enemies in mere seconds.


In the game, only the following Races are able to become Monks:




o Human

o Kul Tiran

o Dwarf

o Dark Iron Dwarf

o Night Elf

o Gnome

o Mechagnome

o Draenei

o Pandaren

o Void Elf




o Orc

o Magh’har Orc

o Undead

o Tauren

o Highmountain Tauren

o Troll

o Zandalari Troll

o Blood Elf

o Nightborne

o Vulpera


With plenty of versatility for you to create the perfect persona for your in-game character, the Monk is definitely one of the best options for you to consider while opting for a new playthrough.


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