WoW Enigmatic Night Elves of the Forests Racial Introduction

2021-11-25 00:00:00

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The Night Elves are an honourable Race that has always been opposing The Burning Legion without interfering with the other Races’ affairs, yet as time passes by, they would eventually turn to others for aid in protecting the world from malevolent forces as well.




The Kaldorei – Night Elves – have been present on Azeroth for countless ages, yet they had managed to elude any interference from other active Races of the world until The Burning Legions’ schemes eventually led to the destruction of their most sacred World Tree.


After joining the Alliance in order to stop further machinations of the Scourge while also protecting their lands from any encroachments by the Horde, Night Elves have since become a great Race to play as in WoW.


Led by the wise and powerful pair of Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, the Night Elves have endured through many hardships and tribulations, yet their new age of mortality (after the destruction of the World Tree) continuously challenges their principles and thoughts every now and then.


By opting to play as the Night Elves, you receive great racial traits such as:


· Shadowmeld (Active Ability)

o Becomes invisible to the naked eye after slipping into the shadows, this can only be cancelled upon moving or detected by advanced enemy abilities and equipment.

o 10-second cooldown


· Wisp Spirit

o You transform into a Wisp upon death, with an Increased Movement Speed of up to 75%.


· Nature Resistance

o 1% Nature Damage Reduction


· Quickness

o 2% Increased Melee Dodge and Ranged Dodge

o 2% Increased Movement Speed


· Touch of Elune

o 1% Increased Haste during the Night

o 1% Increased Critical Strike during the Day


Night Elves are graceful fighters during combat, benefitting these Class choices in the game:


· Warrior

o The first to enter combat, Warriors are also the last to leave them.


· Hunter

o Night Elves are naturally-born Hunters, with their racial traits and abilities assisting them the most in the wild.


· Rogue

o A few Night Elves have been known to change paths into becoming Rogues, making wealth and notoriety their priority in life through mercenary work and assassination attempts.


· Priest

o Night Elves have also been known to be magically-talented, with Priests engaging in support roles to help heal and buff allies on the battlefield.


· Mage

o Sorcerers of the utmost regard, Night Elves are also potent conjurers of mighty spells and powerful boons.


· Monk

o As a Night Elf, you are also able to learn the trade of becoming a Monk, mastering the control of Chi while also strengthening your raw physical prowess too.


· Druid

o Closely associated with Hunters, Druids are specialized combatants who are able to shape-shift into various animal forms to ravage enemies.


· Demon Hunter

o Only Night Elves (Blood Elves for the Horde) are able to become Demon Hunters in WoW, boasting impressive mastery of Chaos magic.


· Death Knight

o Free from the control of the Lich King, Night Elven Death Knights now tread the path of self-atonement towards redemption for their previous sins.


If you are planning to main a Night Elven character, you will start your journeys here (Starting Zone):


· Teldrassil

o Home to a new World Tree, Teldrassil is not as blessed and divine as the first World Tree, Nordrassil; signs of affliction continue to show on the protected tree, and the Night Elves’ immortality is still unrestored even with a new source of magical energy now present.


Most of your new adventures will be focused at the heart of the Night Elven city:


· Darnassus

o Opening its doors to all other allied Races in Azeroth, you can find Humans and Worgens amongst the many citizens that dwell within the Night Elven sanctuary that houses the Temple of the Moon as well.


Night Elves are benevolent friends of the many wild creatures found within the forests, yet their preferred mount falls down to the dangerous yet mysterious Nightsaber.


Opting for the Night Elf as your main character could certainly be a good way to start things off in WoW.


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