WoW Classic: Two players take 40 minutes to beat a boss that should be faced by 40 players

2021-03-26 00:00:00

Gamers surprise us day after day with amazing feats and today we will bring you one of those events that you have to see to be able to believe it, because we are talking about a task that takes a lot of concentration, dedication, planning and, above all, precision in movements.

In World of Warcraft Classic, two players decided to go on their own to kill Onyxia, a complicated boss in the game that is designed to be faced by 40 players.

However, Gendisarray and Shiftus, had no fear and undertook this adventure against one of the bosses that has been humiliated the most times by World of Warcraft players, since he has even been defeated by a group of 40 players who fought without any armor.

The players have managed to defeat Onyxia in a total of 57 minutes, in a battle in which every second was fraught with tension and a very high strategic component and camaraderie, since any mistake could mean an imminent defeat against this boss.

Onyxia is a black dragon who had a successful difficulty in the early days of World of Warcraft but after players learned to take advantage of his weak points and better use the abilities of the characters he has been the victim of many taunts.

However, this boss had never been defeated by only two players, since despite his manageable difficulty, it is almost mandatory to face him with a large group of characters to prevent him from attacking and putting the battle in his favor.

Without buy wow classic gold at and without anyone to help them, these two brave men planned an unbeatable strategy to defeat the boss, although a slight carelessness could cause chaos.

Gendisarray and Shiftus chose the Warrior and Priest classes to take on Onyxia, carefully controlling each of the spells they cast during the 57-minute battle.

This shows the very high degree of concentration that these players had while fighting, in addition to the degree of knowledge they have about each other, since they had a lot of coordination to launch every attack.

By following this intricate tactic, and with a great deal of patience, players were able to claim victory in one of the most glorious feats in recent World of Warcraft history, and certainly something that invites all players to dream about doing things that we previously believed they were impossible.

For this reason, more and more players dare to do speedruns of their favorite games and break records that seem impossible to beat, all for that personal satisfaction generated by having made history in your favorite video game.

World of Warcraft Classic is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows PC and MAC OS.

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