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GoldPiles provides added value to MMORPG, especially focuses on Classic remastered by Blizzard Entertainment. We offer WoW Classic gold and boosting services for all servers and factions, to make this game greater than ever.
Warriors, welcome back to Azeroth! You can relive the legend by purchasing following services:

Cheap WoW Classic Gold

Don’t need to mention that gold is one of the most important things in WoW Classic. Most players would stay in the auction house to bid and sell in order to gain more coins. Well, now, you don’t have to be so tired of that. Because you can always buy cheap WoW Classic Gold at GoldPiles! We can perform face to face transfer or auction house transaction if you prefer.

Reliable WoW Classic Boosting

WoW Classic really is a nostalgia for experienced WoW gamers. However, it is sometimes also frustrated. Admit it, you don’t want to waste too much time on leveling, again, from nothing to everything.
We know it, we got you! You can always count on us to help you leveling up. GoldPiles handles WoW Classic boosting service by real players (yeah, they’re us) without any hacks or cheats.
Game News
2020-03-12 00:00:00

WoW Classic Phase 4 is the fourth major content release. It starts with Arathi Basin on March 11 and continues with Zul'Gurub in April.

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling
2020-02-18 00:00:00

WoW Classic Phase 3 that includes Blackwing Lair raid, Darkmoon Faire, level 50 class quests, and reputation rewards are coming on February 12th.

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling
2020-01-20 02:01:01

We have been herd and WoW Classic resposibles made the so needed changes and very quickly!

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling
2019-12-13 00:00:00

The new patch has arrived and brought Battle Fields and more!

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling
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