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How Does GoldPiles Deliver the WOW Classic Gold?

3 options are at your disposal to get cheap World of Warcraft classic gold, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team if you have any question, goldpiles is always yours to command.

Face to face:

Face to face is the most direct and visible way to deliver WOW classic gold, meet us in the game, this requires both of us to be online at the same time throughout the transaction, please select other options if you have any inconvenience during the process.

Auction house:

Auction house, as the most secure and timeless approach, allows you to buy WOW classic gold multiple times without rousing suspicions. Validate the amount of gold you want and list any item for the buyout price we provide in the auction house, make sure to confirm the item information and fill the delivery chart so that wow vanilla gold won’t go to other gamers.

In game mail:

Gold will be sent to the character you filled the name in the order via World of Warcarft in-game mail.

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As the best WOW classic gold selling site, we are now excited to join you on the adventure of new realm of this epic game, with the products we provide, you are now guaranteed to have more fun in the game. We not only serve you both WOW classic US gold and WOW classic EU gold, but also satisfying service. Our secure payment methods, 24/7 live support, and fast delivery are available for all customers.
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