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There’re many Classic players around the world, this remade version of WoW classic reminds experienced gamers of their youth, it also gives new gamers a chance to take a glance of one of the greatest game in the gaming history.
GoldPiles’s WoW Classic gold service is able to meet your needs of getting stronger and smashing more enemies. No matter you’re an experience or a new gamer, you’ll find the cheapest WoW Classic gold here.

How Does GoldPiles Deliver the WoW Classic Gold?

Currently, we provide 3 ways to deliver the WoW Classic Gold. You can discuss the details with our service team after the purchase.
Face to Face: This is the most direct way to deliver the gold. We’ll meet you in the game at a specific spot. You’ll need to be online at the same time as we do. If you don’t have much time available online, you can choose the following methods.
Auction House: You can put anything up to the Auction House for buyout, then we’ll bid them with a certain amount of gold you bought. Remember, please confirm the item info when you fill in the delivery chart; we don’t want to send the WoW Classic gold to a stranger.
In-game Mail: Leave your character name when you check out; we will send the gold to your in-game mail.
Game News
2020-02-18 00:00:00

WoW Classic Phase 3 that includes Blackwing Lair raid, Darkmoon Faire, level 50 class quests, and reputation rewards are coming on February 12th.

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling
2020-01-20 02:01:01

We have been herd and WoW Classic resposibles made the so needed changes and very quickly!

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling
2019-12-13 00:00:00

The new patch has arrived and brought Battle Fields and more!

WoW Classic Gold WoW Classic Boosting WoW Classic leveling