WoW The Honourable Draenei Racial Introduction

2021-12-02 00:00:00

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Amongst the plethora of racial choices in WoW, the Draenei are possibly the most enigmatic and mysterious of them all, with very little known about their cultural way of life as well as the Naaru that they have allied themselves with.




Experimenting your way around in WoW has always been a good way for you to learn new playstyles and tactics in order to become a professional player within the game.


As such, the choice of playing as a Draenei should also be a compelling decision to which the magically-attuned people from Argus are known to be quite powerful in terms of physical combat as well as spell masteries.


If you are also contemplating about trying out the Draenei, there are a few things to note about the previous blue-skinned denizens of Outland and Draenor.


When opting for the Draenei, you will be enjoying some nice racial traits like:


· Gift of the Naaru (active ability)

o Heals for 20% Maximum Health over 5 seconds.


· Heroic Presence

o Strength, Agility, and Intellect are increased by a certain amount (scales with level).


· Shadow Resistance

o 1% Shadow Damage reduction.


· Gem Cutting

o +10 Jewel-crafting


The Draenei are also competent in the following Classes:


· Warrior

o Fearless Warriors are indispensable frontline combatants that inspire others to victory on the battlefield.


· Paladin

o Protectors of the weak, Paladins stand true in bringing justice for all citizens of Azeroth.


· Hunter

o Needing to start anew on an unfamiliar planet, certain Draenei have taken to adapting to the wild which made them adept Hunters throughout the years.


· Priest

o Believers of a divine faith, Priests bestow invaluable blessings and supportive auras to support anyone that requires assistance upon their travels.


· Shaman

o Masterful practitioners of voodoo and mystical magic, Shamans control the elements to their advantage in terms of combat and also healing proficiencies.


· Mage

o Draenei are naturally attuned to the arcane, and this has led some of their most talented individuals to embrace themselves as future Mages.


· Monk

o Through self-discipline and knowledge of Chi, the Draenei are able to become competent Monks too, utilizing their martial arts techniques to full effect.


· Death Knight

o Fresh from the chains of the Lich King’s control, Draenei Death Knights are extremely dangerous in combat and channel dark energy to sustain themselves in battle.


When you first enter the game as a new Draenei character, you will be thrown into (Starting Zone):


· Azuremyst Isle


o The exact location where the Draenei crash-landed has now been reformed and renamed into Azuremyst Isle, with broken shards of their ship, the Exodar, scattered throughout the lands and terraforming both creatures and plant life alike.


The Draenei’s major city would undoubtedly be (Home City):


· The Exodar


o The Draenei’s capital, the Exodar was initially a space-faring ship which transported the Draenei onto Azeroth, later damaged beyond repair and utilized as the people’s central hub of operations and home city.


As with other Races in Azeroth, the Draenei also have their own preferred racial mount which is none other than the Elekks.


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