Dancing Games Coming To World Of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire In Patch 9.2

2022-01-14 00:00:00

World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 adds dancing mini-games to Darkmoon Faire. Players will pay one token for a dance on one of the three difficulty levels.


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What Is the World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire Dancing Mini-Game?


Players that want to enjoy this new Darkmoon Faire activity are invited to check out the South Pavilion. That's the place for dancing. The NPC Simon Sezdans is there to guide you. His name is a pun after Simon Says Dance. Just like all the other Darkmoon Faire games, dancing costs money. You will need to pay one Darkmoon game token per game. Talk to Simon and let him know on which difficulty level you want to play. We have easy, medium, and hard. The Darkmoon Dance Master is actually a memory game. You need to memorize a dance sequence and repeat it. Keep an eye on the dancer and see which runes light up when it dances. Depending on the selected difficulty level, you need to repeat the moves a number of times. Easy games have three runes. Medium games feature four runes. Hard games come with five runes. The dance runes are yellow, purple, and blue. Each rune represents a dancing style. The chicken dance is the yellow rune. A Power Spin move corresponds to the purple rune. The blue rune is for the fist pump. Participants have to be fast as they have only five seconds to replicate the dance sequence. You need to complete five rounds to finish a game. If you mess up too many times, the game ends earlier. Those who manage to perfectly reproduce the dance sequence get a perfect score and the crowd's cheers. There are nine dance-related achievements. Players get achievements for taking part in a specific number of games and for getting perfect scores on all difficulty levels. World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 features the ending of the Shadowlands story and the last raid of the expansion. Sepulcher of the First Ones is an 11-encounter raid that culminates with the fight against the Jailer. Dominated Anduin Wrynn is the eighth boss. Players travel to a new zone. In Zereth Mortis, they find a new faction and unlock a new feature, Cypher of the First Ones.

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