World Of Warcraft Esports Competitions Coming In 2022

2022-03-07 11:00:00

Did you take a look at theWorld of Warcraft gold price and deals on Goldpoles? Visit the website now! The World of Warcraft team has announced the plans for the 2022 esports season. Following the 2021 update, we expect bigger and better things from the professional competitive side of the game. We know that the 2022 season will feature three main events. All three tournaments will have a shared prize pool of at least $1.8 million. If you want to buy WoW gold, Goldpoles is here for you! WoW esports fans cannot wait for the return of live events. Unfortunately, this is not up to the developers. The qualifying events and normal season games will remain online. Hopefully, a live event will be possible as we get closer to the Summer. This means that the Shadowlands Season 3 could be a live tournament, but nothing is sure for now.

What Are the Three WoW 2022 Esports Events


What we know is that the World of Warcraft 2022 esports stage consists of the Arena World Championship, Mythic Dungeon International, and Classic Arena Tournament. The AWC launched 15 years ago. That's two years after the game was released. The 2022 season begins on March 18th. Players from the USA and Europe can sign up for the first events. This year's event is somewhat similar to the 2021 competition. Teams from these two continents will take part in four open Cups. The rewards include points and cash. The Cups price system has $10,000 as a weekly reward. The points are needed to advance to the next event. The first eight teams that have the most points after the Cups games will make it to the Circuit. This event has a prize pool of $320,000. It lasts for a month and has round robin rules. Half of the teams that enter the Circuit will go to the Grand Final. The prize pool for the final is $300,000. The Mythic Dungeon International is the second event. It starts on March 30. Season 3 retains the group format from Season 2. Teams can start signing up for the Time Trials. The first 24 teams go to the Groups stage. This part of the tournament has a weekly prize pool of $30,000. The MDI Global Finals have a prize pool of $300,000. The Classic Arena Tournament calls all USA and Europe Burning Crusade Classic PvPers to arms. Teams have until February 9th to sign up. The CAT Season 3 has a prize pool of $100,000.

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