Could This Be Related To The Next World Of Warcraft Expansion?

2022-03-21 11:00:00

Tip of the day: Buy cheap WoW gold from Golgpiles! A recent discovery has players talking about the next World of Warcraft expansion. Data miners from one of the most comprehensive World of Warcraft fansites, WoWHead, have uncovered some cosmetic items that could have something to do with the next expansion. Golgpiles has uncovered some great World of Warcraft gold prices so place an order now! The cosmetic items could be part of the Deluxe edition for the yet unannounced WoW expansion. New Items Point to the Next Possible World of Warcraft Expansion The content unearthed by the data miners was found on the live servers. As you can imagine, it's all encrypted. The intriguing discovery points to a mount, pet, and a few other items. To make things clear, files were found. Players have associated these files with those items based on their names. The previous expansion had a Deluxe edition that included similar items. Players think that the encrypted content represents the Deluxe deal for the next WoW expansion. Based on the items, players have already started speculating about the theme of the next adventure. We all know that the items included in the Deluxe deal carry the theme of the expansion. The mount file contains the words “dragon mount emerald buff”. This is likely a Green/Emerald Dragon/Drake mount. The file associated with the mount is almost 9 MB. The mount from the Deluxe version of the current expansion is 3MB. This may mean that the new mount has effects. The other found items support this theory. Pictures of what looks like textures for effects were found. The fact that they are green connects them with the mount. The pet file is large as well. It is almost 6MB. The other items are some models for something that has animations resembling the Vulpera male. It could be a costume. Nothing is sure at this point. However, it is enough to get fans talking. Players think that the next expansion could be dragon-themed. Some say that we might step into the Emerald Dream. Fan theories are flying like hot cakes after the discovery. Considering that the next WoW patch will bring the last major Shadowlands content, an imminent official announcement might arrive soon. Following the release schedule so far, the next WoW expansion should arrive in the last quarter of 2022. Shadowlands took a long time and we hope that we won't have to wait another year for the next expansion.

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