Diablo 4 - Diablo, Lord of Terror: Chapter Seven (Prime Evils, Part 15)

2022-03-21 12:00:00

U7BuyGames is home to all the best deals and discounts on the market today, and you can bet that cheap Diablo 4 Gold will also be sold here once the game is out sometime next year! Even in the form of King Leoric, Diablo still wanted more control over the host as the king’s will is seemingly indomitable, and what better prey to target than the king’s most naïve and innocent son, Prince Albrecht. In Chapter Six, Diablo has finally managed to break free from his capture within the Soulstone, and with his new servant, Lazarus, at his side, it would seem that the road for him to conquer Sanctuary is now laid bare. DIABLO, LORD OF TERROR: CHAPTER SEVEN Diablo has now succeeded in completely merging his thoughts with King Leoric, yet the king’s will was still unbreakable for the Lord of Terror to subjugate. This prevented him from entirely ruling the host’s body, tempting Diablo to find another stronger host in age but weaker in mind to corrupt, leading to his next prime target to manifest into – Prince Albrecht, the king’s youngest son. Ambushed and kidnapped by Lazarus, Prince Albrecht was brought deep into the catacombs for Diablo to feast upon his fears before easily possessing him afterwards. Due to Prince Albrecht’s weaker mind and feeble soul, Diablo was able to properly merge with the host physically now, and he is ever closer to regaining his full strength before setting out into the world to find his other Prime Evil brothers. Lazarus went further to help Diablo’s cause by recruiting certain townspeople to ‘save’ the kidnapped Prince Albrecht, although in actuality, the former archbishop intended to lure them into a trap straight to one of Diablo’s strongest minions, the Butcher, letting it slaughter the people while giving Diablo more fears and nightmares to consume. With Tristram now vulnerable without an army, led by a mad king, and plagued by demons that are being summoned by Diablo, the demon lord nestled back into his ‘sanctuary’ – formerly his prison chambers – to continue harnessing all the negative emotions, horrors, sadness and despair of all the citizens of Tristram, knowing that his full powers will be fully recovered not very long now. That is until a group of courageous heroes braved through the catacombs and its obstructions to challenge the Lord of Terror, hoping to save Tristram from any further violations. Come back for more in Chapter Eight to discover what happens next! When it comes to cheap Diablo 4 Gold, always remember that U7BuyGames is dedicated to offering the best deals and discounts on the market today, especially when Diablo 4 finally launches sometime next year!

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