WOW: The Zandalari Trolls

2022-05-10 15:05:00

GoldPiles is the best website to buy WOW Gold, make sure to visit the platform right away to grab massive discounts and sale offers! In WOW, every faction and race has its own unique twist and features to be offered onto the table, and the Zandalari Trolls are definitely one of the better DLC factions that you should try out today. 


Zandalari Trolls have been in Azeroth for a VERY long time. Although mostly keeping to themselves within their own lands, they do sometimes participate in other Race’s affairs, leading to their current affiliation with the Horde right now.


If you are wondering what it feels like to become a unique Troll in the game, the Zandalari is what you should definitely be trying out today!  Different from other common Trolls, the Zandalari Troll’s choice of racial mount is:


Zandalari Direhorn


Although their other Troll brethren in the Horde favour Raptors as their mounts, Zandalari Trolls utilize the more robust and defensive Direhorn as their most precious pets. As of this moment, the Zandalari Troll’s current leadership falls down to:


Queen Talanji


After the death of the Great King Rastakhan, Queen Talanji was the only heir and fit enough to rule the Zandalari Trolls to a new glorious future against all the opposing threats from both within and outside of her people’s borders. If the Zandalari Trolls seem to strike your fancy, why not try them out in-game today!

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