WoW Dragonflight Introduces A New Race, Class, And Mechanic

2022-06-07 13:40:00

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The Dracthyr Evoker and Dragon Riding in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


Dracthyr is the new race. Evoker is the new class. The two depend on each other. Dracthyrs come from the Dragon Isles. This race was engineered by Deathwing to be some kind of super soldier. The Dracthyr cannot be other classes. Other races cannot learn this class. Characters of this new race/class combo start at level 58. Players can create them in the Dragonflight pre-patch. There is enough time to level to 60 by the time the expansion goes live. The Forbidden Reach is the starting area for this new race and class. It is somewhere on the Dragon Isles. One particularity is that Dracthyr Evokers will choose their faction from the character creation screen. Unlike the Pandarens who are presented with the choice before leaving the starting area, Dracthyrs decide if they side with the Alliance or Horde before entering the game. You will learn spells and abilities up to level 58 in the starting area. Evokers have two combat functionalities: mid-ranged damage dealers and healers. They can use spells from all five schools of magic. Fire and blue magic are for damage. Fire spells include AOE while blue spells focus on a single target. Green magic is evidently restorative magic. Spells from this school are part of the healer's arsenal. Time-altering bronze magic is one of the things that make the Evoker a unique caster. It will be able to turn back the time to cancel the effects of an attack or speed up time to hasten the target's regeneration. Speaking of unique features, the expansion has a feature called dragon riding. We will be able to mount dragons and use all sorts of moves and abilities to traverse long distances and reach difficult places. It may sound like normal flying, but it is actually more like a physics-based mini-game.

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