WoW – Cunning Vulpera of Vol'dun (Racial Introduction)

2022-06-21 15:15:00

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The Horde has managed to acquire the services of many special races in WoW, and this includes the mysterious and hardworking Vulpera whom are curious creatures at heart yet feisty in combat!




Throughout the years, there have been many playable races introduced in WoW.


However, none of them are as intriguing as the fox-like Vulpera, pledging their alliance to the unity of the Horde.


Resourceful and smart, the Vulpera find basic ingenuity in the most simplest of solutions, and this trait has helped them survive through the unforgiving scorched dunes of Vol’dun.


By opting to play as a Vulpera in WoW, you can enjoy some interesting racial traits like:


· Bag of Tricks (active)

o Deal damage to targeted enemies or heal chosen allies by pulling out a trick from your trusty bag

o 1.5-minute cooldown


· Rummage Your Bag (active)

o Change the contents of your Bag of Tricks

o 5-minute cooldown


· Make Camp (active)

o Make a camping site for you to cook and rest (outdoors only)

o 10-minute cooldown


· Return to Camp (active)

o Return to your camping site

o 1-hour cooldown


· Alpaca Saddlebags

o Backpack size increased by 8 slots


· Fire Resistance

o 1% fire damage reduction


· Nose for Trouble

o Receive reduced damage by 5% of your maximum health, if hit for the first time by an enemy


The Vulpera are extremely capable combatants too, and they are able to become any of the following classes:


· Warrior

· Hunter

· Mage

· Rogue Priest

· Warlock

· Shaman

· Monk

· Death Knight


Due to their nomadic nature, the Vulpera are always on the move, and their home is aptly called:


· Vulpera Hideaway

o To ensure their survival, the Vulpera’s main encampment – the Vulpera Hideaway – is always changing, but always located around hidden areas of eastern Vol’dun.


The cheeky Vulpera also possess its own racial mounts, which are:


· Caravan hyena

o Because of the unforgiving environments of Vol’dun, it was easy for the Vulpera to tame the hyenas of the desert, exchanging food for traversing the land with speed.


At the moment, the Vulpera are led by:


· Kiro

o A seasoned Vulpera that has seen many things throughout his past years, Kiro now leads his people by words of wisdom, profound experience, and a deep commitment to the safety of his race.


The Vulpera are indeed a magnificent race to play with, and you can already do so by logging into your WoW account right now.


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