WoW – Dragonflight's Priest Skill Trees Unveiled

2022-07-19 16:00:00

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With WoW’s latest new chapter, Dragonflight, coming out sometime this year, new updates have been shared about the Priest class, with new skill trees and abilities being added to offer a refreshing gameplay experience for both beginners and returning players!


Shadowlands has ended for quite some time now, and WoW players are already abandoning ship to other competitors since there have not been any new exciting things to do in the game.

Well, the newest game expansion, Dragonflight, will be out in just a few months’ time, and recently, a preview of the Priest’s updated abilities and skill trees have been confirmed!


If you’re a Priest main in the game, these potential changes might be something to look forward to in Dragonflight:




· Basic Abilities


o Smite

§ Smites an enemy with Holy damage


o Shadow Word: Pain

§ Induces small Darkness damage which lingers and deals more damage over 12 seconds


o Resurrection

§ Resurrects an ally up to 35% HP and Mana (cannot be used during combat)


o Power Word: Shield

§ Creates a shield around an ally for 15 seconds (7.5 seconds cooldown)


o Power Word: Fortitude

§ Blesses the target ally/ party with +5% Stamina for 1 hour.


o A few others


· Class Talents (and their skills)


o Discipline

§ Purify (Core Ability)

· Dispels dangerous effects from the target, including Magic


§ Atonement

· The ‘Atonement’ effect is added to Power Word: Shield, Shadow Mend, and Power Word: Radiance, making your spell damages against enemies heal affected allies (with Atonement) by 50% of the damage done


§ Penance

· Unleashes a volley of light towards a target, dealing Holy damage continuously over 1.7 seconds (can be casted while moving)


§ Inner Light and Inner Shadow (interchangeable)

· Inner Light: -15% Mana cost for healing spells

· Inner Shadow: +10%  spell damage and ‘Atonement’ healing

· 6-second cooldown for swapping the skills


§ Power Word: Radiance

· Conjures a massive burst of light that heals a target and up to 4 injured allies within 30 yards, applying ‘Atonement’ for 60% of its normal duration


§ Many more


o Holy

§ Purify (Core Ability)

· Same as Discipline’s Core Ability


§ Holy Words (Core Ability)

· -6 second cooldown for Holy Word: Serenity when you cast Flash Heal or Heal

· -6 second cooldown for Holy Word: Sanctify after casting Prayer of Healing 

· -2 second cooldown for Holy Word: Sanctify after casting Renew

· -4 second cooldown of Holy Word: Chastise after using Smite


§ Heal

· Instantly heals an ally


§ Prayer of Healing

· Mass heal of up to 4 allies within 40 yards


§ Holy Word: Serentiy

· A more powerful healing spell.

· -6 second cooldown after casting Flash Heal


§ Loads others


o Shadow

§ Shadowform (Core Ability)

· Becomes enveloped in a shadowy form, gifting +10% spell damage


§ Mind Flay

· Attacks the target’s mind, dealing Shadow damage over 4.5 seconds and -50% movement speed

· 18 Insanity is generated throughout the duration


§ Vampiric Touch

· Touches the enemy with Shadow damage over 21 seconds, healing you for 50% damage dealt

· 5 Insanity is instantly generated for you


§ Devouring Plague

· Creates a disease which causes initial Shadow damage plus additional Shadow damage over 6 seconds

· Heals you for 50% of the damage done

· If reapplied, the remaining Shadow damage that has not been dealt will be added into the new Devouring Plague

· Costs 50 Insanity


§ Mind Sear

· A lethal Shadow energy emanates from the target, dealing Shadow damage over 4.5 seconds to all enemies within 10 yards


§ Tons of others


These are just a few of the complete changes made to the Priest class. If you’re interested to read all of them, check it out at WoW’s official blog post.


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