WoW Classic Servers: New Fresh Realms Angerforge and Jin'do Added Ahead of WotLK

2022-09-15 00:00:00

Plagued by long server lines and log-in times for World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard Entertainment has announced two new "Fresh Start" areas ahead of Wrath of the Lich King's release later this month. Don't hesitate to buy WOW classic gold from Goldpiles!


Two of wow's most popular regions, North America and Europe, will get another new "fresh start" area to try to offset the superserver demographic.


WoW Classic Server: Two new Fresh start areas are now active


In June 2022, Blizzard introduced the New Beginning Area in preparation for the launch of Wrath of the Lich King and the influx of new players. The purpose of these servers is to give players a fresh and unique experience without any additional benefits and some restrictions.


These areas are new and designed specifically for players who are worried about being left behind. They are the Wrath of the Lich King servers from the beginning, which means that once a new character is created, they will have all the new talent trees and skills in the new expansion.



However, during the pre-patch of WotLK Classic, both New Start areas and normal areas became increasingly full, causing very long queues and log-in times for players. In response, Blizzard has locked down a number of "super realms", including Pharina, Blessing, Grobbulus on US, and added a number of brand new realms, including Elanix, Skyrage, and Maradas, with some special transfer restrictions.



As this problem persists, Blizzard has slowed things down by adding two new starting areas, Angevogi on the US server and King & Wood on the EU server.


Like other initially released Newstart fields, Angleforge and King & Wood have special rules and restrictions. This means that players can only play newly created characters, server transfers are not allowed for the first 90 days, upgrades are completely restricted, and the Death Knight's restrictions require a level 55 character in the domain to create one.

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