World of Warcaft: How to check Server Status

2022-10-19 15:45:00

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However, with so many players so active, sometimes the game's servers tend to struggle. From server outages, post-patch or post-expansion issues, and anything that plagues World of Warcraft servers more often.


But sometimes, when you've checked all the internet and PC boxes, it's not at your end. This leaves the problem to the game's servers.


Here's how to check the status of your World of Warcraft server.



How to Check World of Warcraft Server Status


When you have issues with the World of Warcraft servers i.e. checking your internet connection etc, you have dotted your i and crossed your t, it's time to start looking elsewhere. Of course, that means you'll be checking to see if the game server itself is having problems.


There are several ways to do this, and while they all seem to serve similar purposes, each of them can still provide additional insight into what's going on.


Here are some methods:


Go to Blizzard Support on Twitter


One of the quickest and easiest ways to check if your World of Warcraft servers are struggling is to visit the official Blizzard Support Twitter, also known as Blizzard CS. If there's a server issue, Blizzard usually provides that information on its social media.


Blizzard has support accounts in different parts of the world, which means you have a chance to find at least one Twitter account to help with your issue.



Check Launcher


Usually, when a server problem occurs, the launcher you use to play World of Warcraft will notify you if there are any ongoing issues with the game server.


Just like the maintenance plan, any server issue notifications will appear at the top of the launcher, with a clear emphasis to ensure it is differentiated from the rest of the information on the launcher.



Visit Downdetector


Blizzard's support Twitter account isn't producing the results you want? Well, it doesn't hurt to try another method (like Downdetector).


The site provides information in real time and monitors server outages, providing a detailed timeline of any issues over the past day. If World of Warcraft is down, feel free to check out this site.


It includes a comprehensive timeline of any server issues in the past 24 hours. So, if you're not sure if and for how long the server issue persists, this is your best bet. This website will give you details on the origin of the problem. It also provides a real-time outage map to pinpoint which parts of the world are experiencing server issues.



Check out the World of Warcraft forums


If everything else on this list fails, it doesn't hurt to check out the World of Warcraft forums.



Usually, whenever there is a problem with the servers, Blizzard itself will reply on the official forum. Here, they tend to break down what's going on and what's causing the problem, sometimes estimating when the server will come back up.


Also, take a look at various social media other than the official Blizzard Twitter account. Try searching for World of Warcraft on Twitter or go to its official subreddit.

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