WoW: Dragonflight Will Receive Two Major Content Updates In 2023

2022-12-22 10:00:00

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Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion will receive two major content updates in 2023, with four minor updates planned for next year. These two major updates will include everything players have come to expect from a major content update: new raids, regions, and seasonal rewards. 

According to a blog post by WoW executive producer Holly Longdale, the minor update will include more story content, evergreen events, updates to legacy game systems, and more opportunities to implement community feedback. As for when the first update will arrive, players won't have to wait too long. The recently announced Trading Post system, along with the ability to transmogrify low- and normal-quality items and some new world content coming to the Primalist Tomorrow region, will go live with Update 10.0.5 "early next year". The next update on the schedule will be 10.0.7, which will introduce new story missions involving the Dracthyr returning to the Exclusion Zone to learn more about their origin and future. Longdale teases a storyline that will establish Dragonflight's next major story, and by the time it concludes, "our next destination should be obvious." The update will also include the long-awaited Human and Orc Heritage armor quest, and more. 

 Longdale acknowledged that Blizzard's track record of releasing new content for subscription-based MMORPG players has been lackluster over the past few years. This is something the team hopes to change in Dragonflight. "As we charted our way forward after the release of Dragonflight, we kept in mind our responsibility to players to cultivate this living world, and frankly, needed to do better than we've done recently," Langdale wrote. "Our intention with Dragonflight is that there should always be something new to look forward to, with a new update arriving on our testing platform soon after the previous one went live and was available to you. The author Longdale stated, "Our goal is simply more Warcraft: more tales, more content, more rewards, more occasions, more technical advancements, and less downtime.

 The announcement, coupled with the recent news that World of Warcraft veteran Chris Mason will return to World of Warcraft as a creative consultant, makes it feel that 2023 may be World of Warcraft's second stand after two years of Shadowlands expansion. A solid year for it contains sparse content updates. 

The new expansion itself is off to a good start so far. In GameSpot's WoW: Dragonflight review, we were "impressed with how some new ideas, as well as a major overhaul of some old ones, have breathed new life into Blizzard's flagship game."

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