WoW Classic – When Will Season Of Mastery 2 Start?

2023-03-20 09:00:00

Visit Goldpiles for the best WoW Classic gold prices! The first WoW Classic Season of Mastery ended in February. Players are left wondering if and when a new SoM will arrive. Only Blizzard Entertainment can tell that for sure. In the absence of an official declaration, all we have are speculations. However, it is fun to speculate and see which predictions eventually come true. No matter when a new SoM will start, we already know one thing. Goldpiles has cheap WoW Classic gold for sale and safe transactions.

What We Know About WoW Classic Season of Mastery 2

The first WoW Classic Season of Mastery wrapped up on February 14th. After that date, players could no longer enter the SoM realms. However, their characters are not lost. SoM characters can be transferred to a WoW Classic or Wrath Classic server. Although there's no official news about a second Season of Mastery, it is highly likely that this is not the end for seasonal WoW Classic content. The first SoM allowed players to experience tweaked Vanilla gameplay. The content was once again released in phases. The six phases had different content than the original Classic release. For example, Dire Maul dungeons were part of the first phase. Cenarion Hold and Silithus were available at launch, but all the Ahn'Qiraj activities remain locked until the War Effort started in phase five. The seasonal gameplay added new features. Dungeon meeting stones were upgraded to summoning stones. Riding costs were reduced. The LFG functionality from TBC Classic was implemented in SoM. Dungeon and raid changes removed the buff and debuff limits. By removing the debuff limit on bosses, classes such as Warlocks had a different raid rotation. The number of player buffs is also not limited anymore. World buffs don't work anymore in raids. We expect WoW Classic Season of Mastery 2 to keep some of these changes. Some would argue that seasonal content alters the original experience, but we can all agree that we've had plenty of chances to enjoy the original WoW Vanilla by now. An announcement regarding SoM 2 could arrive in the next few weeks. New Season of Mastery realms could open in the Summer. Rumor has it that Season of Master 2 will feature The Burning Crusade content. Players are also talking about Wrath Classic. Some believe that Cataclysm Classic will follow. It is too early to talk about that as we still have three more phases to expect.

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