Have You Tried The WoW Classic Ironman Challenge?

2023-04-20 10:00:00

Only on Goldpiles you will find safe and cheap WoW Classic gold! WoW Classic has launched in 2019 bringing back the Vanilla experience. Four years later, all players had the chance to play the original encounters and see how the game was back in the day. The first Season of Mastery came with a couple of changes to spruce up the old gameplay. The Ironman Challenge is a Runescape-inspired activity. It challenges players to level a character by following specific rules. You cannot use WoW Classic gold from websites such as Goldpiles for this challenge, but for your other characters a little help is always welcome!

What Is the WoW Classic Ironman Challenge

The Ironman is not an official WoW Classic activity or in-game mode. This is a personal challenge. There is no in-game reward for completing it. Other than community bragging rights, you gain nothing from the challenge. Over the years, the rules have changed. We will go over the original rules pointing out the changes. You can play with any class you like. Of course, certain classes have an easier time getting to level 60 than others. If your character dies, the challenge ends. You are not allowed to respawn in any way. First Aid is the only profession you can use. The original WoW Classic challenge doesn't allow players to use any primary or secondary profession except for First Aid. Other variations allow players to have whatever professions they like. Characters cannot use other equipment than white-quality gear. Newer variations allow players to equip gear they receive from quest rewards, items they craft via professions, or items bought from NPCs. In the original challenge, you cannot use any talents. In the newer versions, you are free to do so. The use of any consumables is forbidden. Moreover, class-specific restrictions prevent Warlocks from using soul stones, Shamans from using Ankh, and Paladins from casting Divine Shield and using the hearthstone. You cannot run dungeons, raids, or any form of instanced PvP. The new rules permit one run per dungeon with a group of characters that are also doing the challenge. The original rules prevent players from joining any group. You cannot receive mail from other players and your alts. Trading with other players and using the auction houses are also forbidden. Keeping all these rules in mind is not easy. If you are interested in the WoW Classic Ironman challenge you should find an addon to keep track of the rules.

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