Announced correction in the War Cry queue in WofW Classic through the American forums

2020-01-20 02:01:01

With the publication of this post in the forum, a correction to the War Cry queue in WofW: Classic has been announced. As discussed in the post, we want to correct the problem that is in the queue of Grito de Guerra and the Alterac Valley. When the correction is implemented live, the queue must act as it worked in the WofW: Classic and not as it is currently doing.

Bornakk's post comments verbatim: 

We are in the process of implementing a revision to solve a problem that affects the War Cry queue in WofW: Classic. After the review, adding players to your group while you are already in the queue will restore your place in the queue. If you are in the queue for Grito de Guerra or Valle de Alterac when this correction is implemented live, you may be removed from the queue and must queue again. Thank you for your patience.

Both the retail and Classic version of WofW has received a series of corrections on 12-20-2019. According to the game developer published on the official website, the changes that have been added to this patch that do not need downloading affect the Paladin class in the most current version of the game, Karazhan or the Azerite features among others. There is also another that affects the event of the 15th anniversary of WofW as well as WofW Classic and, interestingly, also the paladins.

The battlefields were implemented on November 11, but before the honor system appeared that so many comments and themes have appeared among the community. The next phase of WofW: Classic, which will be phase 4, will add the band Zul’Gurub and the Green Dragons; but currently the implementation date is unknown.

In the version of Battle for Azeroth, a Paladin error has been corrected that caused the divine PvP Favor talent to increase the healing of the Flash of Light and Sacred Light if it was eliminated during the casting of these spells. Also some mistakes that occurred with the chess event in Karazhan where, now, players can get loot after overcoming it. In PvP Burning Soul, Herd Spirit and Twisted Magic return to have a 20% effectiveness as it should have been. offers WofW Classic gold and boosting service. Check out our lastest deal now!

(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Chong Fang) 

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