Shadowlands Island Expeditions Improvements

2021-08-27 00:00:00

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As WoW: Shadowlands’ narrative continues to expand further with The Jailer, Zovaal back to power again, an upcoming patch looks set to bring in improved in-game mechanics to boost quality-of-life segments of the game.




WoW: Shadowlands definitely has a lot going on when it comes to in-game content.


With so many things to do in the world of Azeroth and other neighbouring regions, you can simply get hooked for hundreds of hours online just by playing the game.


In an upcoming update – Patch 9.1.5 – coming later next month, it is understood that improvements will be made for a specific game mode which is Island Expeditions.


Island Expeditions is amongst the main form of Azerite farming, with which the only way to partake in an instance is by grouping up with party queues in order to set sail to any of the far-fetched islands.


As detailed for Patch 9.1.5, it would seem that this would no longer be the case – you will soon be able to enjoy Island Expeditions solo or up to three (3) friends together throughout private sessions!


This is huge if you are still looking to collect some invaluable Azerite throughout the game for any specific purpose that you may still have.


You will no longer need to either wait for long party queues or even grouping up with random pugs who might just spoil your experience due to toxicity (still exist in WoW).


With this change expected to bring some new life into old content, you might just be able to squeeze in some extra hours in to get those WoW itch satiated once more.


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