TBC Classic P2 Phase Has Started

2021-07-30 00:00:00

Blizzard has confirmed that the TBC phase 2 of the Warcraft Classic will be tested next week, and there will be a new season related content. The PTR test means that the official opening of the P2 stage is not far away. The test will be conducted in early August, and we may enter the second stage in September, which is still much faster than the 60-level period.


Viper Storm and new reputation


The content of the PVE part is very sufficient. The first is the two T5 groups of Viper Temple and Storm Fortress. In the test next week, Blizzard said that they will first test their original version, that is, the undiminished version. If the intensity is moderate, it may be released directly. The prestige of the Sky Guard and Orgrilla is fully open, daily life can be started, and the Void Ray mount can also be started. Orgrila's prestige is mainly Apexis fragment-related tasks and rewards, and there are some top-quality equipment to collect. In addition, the nostalgic service will also be added to seek team tools, similar to the collection stone of the formal service, in fact, there are also plug-ins now, but the official one is better.



Arena related events


The arena of the TBC classic opened earlier than in the past, so Blizzard decided to continue the "magical reform." The first is the major PVP benefits. The amount of arena scores obtained every week will be greatly increased, saving players time. At the same time, the Outland Prestige PVP equipment will also be added to the game with the update. Before the end of the S1 season, the price of PVP equipment will be appropriately lowered. After the end, the arena points are directly converted to honor points, which is very good for PVP players. At the beginning of the P2 stage, players will be able to directly see the scores, rewards, and time information related to the Arena Ladder in the game.


Players' preparation


Now that P2 has been put on the agenda, as players, we naturally cannot fall behind, and we can make some preparations appropriately. Stock up WOW TBC Classic gold at goldpiles now!

WOW classic update
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