WOW Classic: Arm Yourselves for the Latest ‘Burning Crusade’

2021-05-12 00:00:00

With WOW Classic now close to its second year running in 2021, an eventual Classic expansion has always been mooted to follow within the foreseeable future.


Recently announced for a 1st June release this year, this was exactly what WOW Classic players have been waiting for, for quite some time now – The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC)!


Upon its launch, players will be pitted against the menacing forces of The Burning Legion once more, with the traitorous Night-Elf-turned-Demon Illidan Stormrage returning as one of the main antagonists again.


Similar to the concept of WOW Classic, TBCC will recreate the original experience of the base game’s first expansion, tweaking only minor gameplay aspects to stay true to the worldly events and progression mechanics of the original Burning Crusade journey.


If you have never played Burning Crusade before, here are some of the new gameplay features to be included within the latest playable story expansion:


· Two (2) additional playable races for you to experiment with:

o The peaceful yet powerful Draenei (Alliance)

o The mischievous yet mystifying Blood-Elves (Horde)


· Increased level cap (level 70)


· New quests, raids and dungeons in the lands of Outland (previously the homeworld of the Orcs, Draenor)


· Latest PvP battleground:

o Eye of the Storm

§ Level 61 – 69

§ Level 70


· PvP Arena System:

o 2v2 player matches

o 3v3 player matches

o 5v5 player matches


· Story campaigns which will introduce lore characters such as Lady Vashj, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Akama and Zul’jin, among others.


· Many more!


As an additional note, WOW Classic players will have the option to choose whether to remain with WOW Classic servers for their characters to continue exploring the world of Azeroth as is (called Era realms) or progress into The Burning Crusade Classic servers (referred to as Progression Realms) starting from 18th May onwards.


If you would like to have your characters available in both servers, you will be offered the chance to essentially ‘clone’ your characters – equipment and all – to both realms for a fee of $35 for each character (a decision which has garnered a mixed reaction by the fan base).


Looking to speed up your character progress in the upcoming TBCC?


Two purchasable upgraded editions will also be made available starting from 18th May onwards, each being:




· One-time instant character boost to level 58


· Riding Skill unlocked: Apprentice


· Mount (Race-locked)


· Level 58 gears (green)


· Four (4) Runecloth Bags


· A fair amount of WOW Classic Gold




· All items under Dark Portal Edition


· Phase-Hunter mount with two variants:

i. Reawakened Phase-Hunter (TBCC)

ii. Viridian Phase-Hunter (WOW)


· A Dark Portal Hearthstone (character effect)


· Path of Illidan in-game toy (character effect)


· 30 days of free in-game access for WOW, WOW Classic and The Burning Crusade Classic.


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