WOW Classic: What You Need To Know About TBC Classic Beta

2021-04-01 00:00:00

WOW Classic players and those who are interested in TBC Classic now have the chance to participate in the best test. The TBC Classic beta servers are up and running. Those who are interested in checking out the first WOW expansion must first register as testers. Then, they need to patiently need to wait for an invite, that may even not come, to join the test. You should check your email and the app to see if you have been invited to take part in the beta.


Copy Your WOW Classic Character To Beta Servers And Adventure Into The Outlands


A copy of your WOW Classic character will be transferred to the beta servers. You can transfer as many characters as you like. Testers have the chance to see how the new items and gear behave in The Burning Crusade Classic. This will help developers and also the community as players can make preparations for when TBC Classic launches later this year. Beta testers were first given access to up to level 64 content. This means that only Hellfire Peninsula and a few other zones are available. Players can do quests and run dungeons. Beta started with no PvP content. Third-party addons are also not supported in this initial version. More content will be progressively released so players can test it and give feedback to the developers. If you are one of the beta testers, it's important to make your voice heard. The testers' feedback is crucial. This is how the developers discover issues and bugs. Fixing as many problems as possible before the game launches translates into a better experience for all the members of the TBC Classic community.


TBC Classic Beta Known Issues


These are some of the known issues currently in TBC Classic beta. If you're doing the City of Lights quest, you might not get all the whispers from the guiding NPC. The mount from the quest As The Crow Flies appears as invisible. Spell haste gems, reward items, mana potions, and HP potions are not working correctly. There are also some issues with Paladin, Priest, Shaman, and Warrior abilities. Some of the zones don't have all the vegetation items yet. Flight paths that transit Menethil Harbor may malfunction.


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