WOW TBC Classic : Which Profession to Choose Part 1

2021-06-11 00:00:00

Slaying that one thousandth (1,000th) Fel-Orc in Outland may seem like an achievement, but it sure doesn’t bring anything to the table for you except more experience and small loot to spare.


In WOW The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC), upgrades to the current Profession system may yield some new opportunities for you to explore other ways to spend your in-game playing time in search of more experience and bountiful golds.


If you are weighing your options on which Profession to choose in the game, here are the breakdowns of each, for you to decide upon:






A new profession introduced into WOW TBCC, Jewelcrafting is a special line of work which focuses on collecting ores and breaking them down into smaller rare gems for the creation of unique, valuable items and accessories.


· Allows you to craft stat-boosting equipment and items which are not able to be created any other way.


· Amongst the items that only Jewelcrafters are able to create are:


o Healing statues

o Fist weapons

o Fashionable accessories (rings, trinkets, necklaces, etc.)

o Cut gems to be installed into specific equipment slots (introduced in TBCC)


· Another major advantage of Jewelcrafting is that you will learn Prospecting too, which is a skill only available for Jewelcrafting players, allowing you to break down natural ores into gems.

· Not only will you be able to craft items which are exclusive to the profession, but also make money out of trading the gems with other players too.




In WOW TBCC, Alchemy is the first Profession which has been around since the game’s first Classic counterpart.


It is also very enjoyable to experiment with, as TBCC implements a new game mechanic called Discovery, where every Alchemy session provides a slight chance of you acquiring a new item recipe upon completion.


· As an Alchemist, you are able to create:


o Various flasks

o Potent potions

o Powerful elixirs

o Invaluable cauldrons of different beneficial effects


· By creating your own set of healing items and scientific buffs to boost your character’s attributes, you can save both the time and gold by having an abundant stash of materials collected throughout your journeys, tucked away in your storage/ inventory to be used for your Alchemy practices later on.


· Other players are always on the lookout for these items too, so you can have a nice passive gold revenue stream by dedicating the efforts to selling these off on the Auction House instead.




Are you a lover of creating plate mails and axes?


Blacksmithing would undoubtedly be the best profession for you!


In TBCC, Blacksmithing can be specialized further at Level 40 (character) and Skill Level 200, into two main sub-professions:


· Armoursmith

· Weaponsmith


This career works best with the skill Mining to gather crucial ore materials, besides the ability to specialize Weaponsmithing even further (Level 50, Skill Level 250):


· Axesmith

· Hammersmith

· Swordsmith


The nature of the work itself is self-explanatory; you create weapons and armour for yourself and others online, strengthening your character while also making fine gold by selling those legendary-tier equipment over at the Auction House.


Under a medieval-fantasy setting, being a Blacksmith does bring about some nice few boons with it.




Fancy yourself as an ingenious tinkerer of metal?


You can also favour your fortunes as an Engineer too, which helps you to craft advanced equipment and machinery unrivalled by others in Azeroth and Outland.


Amongst the mighty creations of an Engineer are:


· Frightening rocket launchers

· Devastating grenades

· Flying mounts

· Many more!


Gnomes and Goblins are the sophisticated masters of engineering in WOW, so you will be able to specialize towards either one of these profession trees later on:


· Gnome Engineering

· Goblin Engineering


These will unlock once you reach Level 30 and Skill Level 200, so better work your way up as soon as possible.


Still, once you’re able to easily craft these awesome gadgets of menace, you can certainly find loads of people clamouring for them, if put up in the Auction House.


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