WOW: fans can unlock a very rare pet

2021-04-22 00:00:00

Blizzard Entertainment knows that World of Warcraft is immensely popular. That is why he often uses it as a vehicle for charity campaigns. Now you will take advantage of the MMORPG to raise funds to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Blizzard announced the launch of a new fundraising campaign for Doctors Without Borders through World of Warcraft's 2021 altruistic pet benefit program. To support you can donate.

From today until April 26, players will be able to donate money to reach fundraising goals that will unlock pets for the entire community (except World of Warcraft Classic and Burning Crusade Classic).

If $ 500,000 USD is raised, the community will get the Bananas the Ape mascot, which was originally available to few at the time of The Burninng Crusade. Raising more than $ 1 million will unlock Daisy the Sloth, a pet that you can carry on your back.

World of Warcraft is available for PC. If you are enjoying WOW, remember you can buy WOW Gold in GoldPiles. 

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