WOW:The Great Push Tournament Is Starting

2021-04-14 00:00:00

WOW The Great Push will happen between May 28th and 30th. This is a competitive dungeon event and it's the first edition of the year. The tournament has two stages. It's different from the Mythic Dungeon International which is a contest with several events. The people in charge of the WOW e-sports division wanted to have more competitive events and so they came up with The Great Push. Just like the Mythic Dungeon International, this also focuses on dungeons but the goal is different. In the MDI, teams strive to get a good score and to beat the time of the other teams. The Great Push, as the name suggests, is all about key pushing. The teams will do their best to upgrade a key as much as they can.


What You Need To Know About The Great Push


As the tournament is about mythic dungeons, the participants will be teams of five players. The prize pool of The Great Push is $20,000. Anyone can join the tournament. If you have a team of reliable members, you are free to sign up. There are no qualifying stages for those who want to take part in the content. The registration is open until May 17th. The first phase of The Great Push is called the Proving Grounds. This will take place on May 22nd and May 23rd. It's a qualifier phase. Each team will receive two dungeon key combos. The goal is to push them as much as possible. Advancing to the next phase is at stake. The top six teams from the Proving Grounds get to fight in the big finale. The six teams will take on different Shadowlands dungeons. The goal is to finish the dungeon within time and upgrade the key. The team that has the highest overall score for all dungeons wins the competition.


Where To Watch The Great Push


If you are interested in the event, you can catch the live streaming on YouTube and Twitch. The participants can also stream their sessions from the Proving Grounds and the finals, should they make it. If you have a favorite team or you want to see how a certain competitor plays, you can watch the individual streams. Otherwise, the official broadcast will have streams from all teams. Casters will offer their insight. Don't forget that the MDI Global Finals take place on April 23rd-25th. The total prize pool is $300,000.

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