What We Know About World of Warcraft Patch 92

2021-11-18 00:00:00

Buy WoW gold from and you will be one step closer to defeating the Jailer! World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 is the upcoming World of Warcraft major content update. This is also the last Shadowlands update. The developers have stated that a smaller patch may follow, however, there won't be any other major features and content in this expansion. Patch 9.2 bears the name Eternity's End. It has a new zone, a new faction, a new raid, and more. Check out the World of Warcraft gold price on and get ready for this last Shadowlands challenge!


World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 Features and Content

Eternity's End brings the conclusion to the Shadowlands story. The main antagonist, Zoval who is known as the Jailer, is playing his trump card. If he succeeds, the worlds of Azeroth and Shadowlands will change. Players must stop the Jailer's plans. The journey takes players to Zereth Mortis, a mysterious realm created by the First Ones. This is where all that is in the Shadowlands, Azeroth, and all the other worlds is created. Automa are the inhabitants and engineers of Zereth Mortis. This zone plays an important part in the Jailer's plans. He wants to use its power to transform things according to his vision. On Zereth Mortis, players will meet the Enlightened. They are a faction that lives here for a long time. Their purpose is to seek knowledge. Players will need to work with them as guardians of this zone. Adventurers will first learn how to communicate with the Automa. Once they can understand each other, players gain access to zone dailies, events, and more. The Sepulcher of the First Ones is the next World of Warcraft raid. Conquering this bastion is an important step in defeating the Jailer. Players must take down the Sepulcher's bosses. Anduin is one of them. He is under the Jailer's influence. Patch 9.2 reintroduces the class tier sets. Players will obtain class armor sets from raids, Mythic+ dungeons, and PvP activities. A set has bonuses that become active when players equip two or four pieces of the same set. The next Mythic+ and PvP seasons will begin in Eternity's End. The mega-dungeon Tazavesh will be more accessible as it will be split into two dungeons. It will also become part of the Mythic key rotation. Professions and conduits will see some updates in Patch 9.2. Players will have more mounts and pets to collect and a new dancing mini-game as part of the Darkmoon Faire event.

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