WoW Abominations of the Undead Racial Introduction

2021-12-09 00:00:00

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The Scourge are a despised faction in WoW, yet some of the Undead that have broken free from the Lich King’s influence have since found new purpose and meaning in life as they re-establish a newfound way of living as the Forsaken.




As the Undead, stereotypical views often depict them as flesh-eating monsters with an insatiable appetite for blood.


However, in WoW, the Undead have since rebranded themselves as the Forsaken and have shown that they too can find a new purpose in life after their shackles from the Lich King’s control was destroyed due to his fall and Sylvanas’ exploits during Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands.


Becoming a Forsaken opens up new in-game mechanics that you can enjoy in WoW, and this would certainly be a good time to finally experience life through the eyes of the world’s Undead!


The Undead are known for their racial traits like:


· Cannibalize (active ability, 2-minute cooldown)

o If nearby Human or Undead corpses, you devour them to heal 7% Health and Mana every 2 seconds, up to 10 seconds.


· Shadow Resistance

o 1% reduced Shadow damage.


· Touch of the Grave

o Attacks and Spells have a chance to drain the target by dealing Shadow damage while healing you for the same amount at the same time.

o Able to breathe underwater indefinitely.


· Will of the Forsaken (active ability, 2-minute cooldown)

o Charm, Fear and Sleep effects are removed instantly.


Due to their previous knowledge and experiences gathered throughout life, the Undead are capable in adopting any of the following Classes in the game:


· Warrior

· Hunter

· Mage

· Rogue

· Priest

· Warlock

· Monk

· Death Knight


With nobody willing to retake them back into society, the Forsaken have eventually made their newfound Home City in the bowels of Lordaeron, now known as:


· The Undercity


o A place not fit for the living, toxic sludge and poisonous gasses encompass this horrifying underground which is located under the once-proud Human city of Lordaeron.


The Forsaken’s preferred racial mount is of the Skeletal Horse which still possesses the same energy and travelling speed as if they were alive and kicking!


Becoming an Undead in WoW for a change could be a very welcoming idea if you are looking for a new challenge to try out in the game.


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