WoW Explosive Tinkerings of the Gnomes Racial Introduction

2021-11-25 00:00:00

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Massive fans of gadgetries and gizmos should definitely try becoming a witty Gnome in WoW, with plenty of distinct abilities and advantages to enjoy in-game too!




WoW has a plethora of Races to explore in-game, and Gnomes are amongst the most underutilized yet extremely fun to experiment with.


Crucial allies of the Dwarves, Gnomes have been indispensable throughout the Alliance’s continuous battles against the Horde, Scourge and The Burning Legion, notwithstanding Sylvanas Windrunners’ unrelenting assaults and schemes against all denizens of Azeroth too.


If you are curiously interested in trying out a Gnome character today, here’s a look at some of the Race’s best traits in all WoW games:


· Escape Artist

o Instantly removes immobilization or reduced movement speed effects.


· Arcane Resistance

o 1% Arcane Damage reduction.


· Expansive Mind

o +5% Maximum Mana/ Energy/ Rage/ Runic Power/ Focus.


· Engineering Specialization

o Ability to craft Gnome-exclusive equipment or items.


· Nimble Fingers

o 1% Increased Haste.


Gnomes are surprisingly capable individuals that are able to become any of these following Classes:


· Warrior

o Powerful combatants who do not fear death, Warriors comprise most of the main strike groups during battles.


· Hunter

o Making their home in the wild, Hunters are those that excel in surprise attacks and guerrilla tactics, ensuring that you are always one step ahead of the enemy.


· Rogue

o Always ready to sign up for the next mercenary contract, Rogues are dangerous foes to face in one-on-one situations, utilizing many underhanded tactics and exploits to seize an advantage during combat.


· Priest

o Priests’ love for the people is only rivalled by their undying loyalty to the Divine, with which they are blessed with exceptional healing spells and mighty auras to hep allies on the battlefield.


· Mage

o Gnomes are also adept Mages as well, though not many have been seen opting for this role due to the intense training and knowledge required to master its diverse spells.


· Warlock

o Certain Gnomes have also been known to become Warlocks too, resurrecting the dead to serve as staunch minions while also devastating enemies by way of frightening demonic powers.


· Monk

o Believers in the potency of Chi, Monks prefer hand-to-hand combat instead of the use of melee weaponry, boasting impressive martial arts prowess as a substitute,


· Death Knight

o Previous zealots of the Lich King, Gnomish Death Knights now roam free from their master’s influence, retracing their steps in order to remake their lives for a better one.


Playing as a Gnome, your beginning adventures in WoW start off at (Starting Zone):


· Gnomeregan

o With the aid of the Dwarves, the Gnomes are continuously in battle with Leper Gnomes, Troggs, and other monstrosities that inhabit their former home, Gnomeregan, with the Gnomes’ current main base relocated to New Tinkertown just outside of the hostile land.


Once you’ve progressed enough, you will then be able to explore the Gnome home city too (Starting City):


· Gnomeregan

o Upon retaking Gnomeregan, you will then be able to marvel at the astounding ingenuity and ambitions of the Gnomes, marking their tremendous hallways with impeccable machinery and shrewd inventiveness using iron and steel.


The Gnomes pride themselves when it comes to their traditional mounts, which is the sophisticated Mechanostrider that is both robust in terms of durability and also responsive when it comes to motor capabilities.


Seems like the Gnomes are quite a nifty Race to play as in WoW, don’t you agree?


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