WoW Humans as Stalwart Warriors of the People Racial Introduction

2021-11-11 00:00:00

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In WoW, different Races have been dominating much of the regions of Azeroth, but none come close to the overall might of the combined Human forces of Stormwind!




With the strength of the Horde and the invasion of the Scourge and Burning Legion amongst many of the concerns that continue to plague the Alliance, it is the Humans that steadfastly hold their ground and seek allies from other neighbouring factions in order to restore order and protect their lands from destruction and annihilation.


Although humanity has endured plenty of tribulations throughout the ages, individuals such as Jaina Proudmoore, Anduin Wrynn and Bolvar Fordragon are just examples of the heroes that reside amongst the ranks of the proud men and women of Stormwind.


If you are just starting out in WoW, Humans are a good race to side with, benefitting from racial attributes like:


· Will to Survive

o Able to shrug off the Stun debuff.


· Diplomacy

o 10% increased Reputation gains.


· The Human Spirit

o 2% extra secondary stats (Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility)


Humans are able to become any of the following Classes in WoW:


· Warrior

o Heavy frontline fighters, Human Warriors make up most of the Alliance’s army composition.


· Paladin

o Guardians of justice and peace, Paladins are the trusted combatants who strive to protect others more than their own lives.


· Hunter

o Capable in melee combat yet extremely masterful with the Bow, Hunters mostly feel at home in the wild where trees are their walls of comfort and protection.


· Rogue

o Deadly killers, Rogues are silent mercenaries who enjoy the thrill of eliminating their hunt or prey through use of underhanded tactics such as Poison.


· Priest

o Prime healing casters, Priests are dependable support allies who bolster a party’s defences while also providing great auras for improved offensive capabilities.


· Mage

o Humans are known to be astoundingly acute to the arcane energies of the world, and most of the Kirin Tor is comprised of extremely powerful Human magi casters.


· Warlock

o Corrupted by the allure of dark magic, Warlocks are feared practitioners of dark magic that can manipulate otherworldly beings into doing their biddings.


· Monk

o Although favouring bare-handed fighting styles, Monks are dedicated keepers of peace and unyielding masters of Chi.


· Death Knight

o Devastating agents of the Lich King, Death Knights now roam free from their master’s control and capable of making their own decisions while exacting revenge on those that defiled them.


As Humans, you begin your adventures from (starting zone):


· Elwynn Forest

o A peaceful region south of Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest is home to plenty of honest folks who make a living away from the bustling noises of industry and machinery, yet there is always work to be done here … and also Orcs to be slain.


Once you’ve levelled enough, your first big city-town will be:


· Stormwind City

o Proud bastion of humanity, Stormwind City represents everything good about Humans, with its awe-inspiring architecture, futuristic development, and unparalleled military might being amongst the best in Azeroth.


Humans also pride themselves of their Horses, which are trusty companions that are always by their side in traversing the harsh roads ahead.


Summarily, Humans may seem feeble and fragile when compared to the brute ferocity of Orcs or the wild nature of Worgens, but they are unquestionably amongst the most hardworking and devoted people in WoW, always ready to fight for what’s right.


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