WoW Supreme Martial Arts of the Pandarens Racial Introduction

2021-12-09 00:00:00

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Amongst Azeroth’s most influential Races that exist throughout the years, the Pandarens are the most enigmatic and mysterious of them all, never interfering with the affairs of other factions until just recently.




Pandarens are a Race that truly values peace and prosperity above all else.


Survivors of a perilous past filled with slavery, torture and strife, the Pandaren people have learned to appreciate the importance of their everyday lives while also mastering Chi by channelling it through their various forms of unarmed martial combat.


There exist two (2) major factions within the Pandaren community; the Tushui people whom uphold moral codes of conduct, and the Huojin followers who believe in the right to take action regardless of the costs.


A divergent philosophy from both of those mentioned earlier is also taught amongst the Pandarens too, although this is exclusively emphasized by those living in the ‘Wandering Isle’ – the Wanderer’s Way belief.


If the Pandarens identify closely to your personality in WoW, then you just might have found your ideal character race to pick in the game!


By opting for the Pandarens, you enjoy distinct racial traits such as:


· Bouncy

o Receive 50% less fall damage.


· Epicurean

o Food buffs and bonuses are increased by 100%.


· Gourmand

o +15 to Cooking skill.


· Inner Peace

o 2x rested experience gains.


· Quaking Palm (active skill, 2-minute cooldown)

o Incapacitates a target for 4 seconds but also deactivates your auto-attack unless manually attacking again.


The Pandarens are also quite flexible in terms of adapting to new ideologies and methodologies too, with the following Classes being the most suitable for you to pick:


· Warrior

o First to enter battle and last to leave the bloodshed, Warriors are your go-to combatants in any fight.


· Hunter

o Keen learners of the wild, Hunters have adopted similar lifestyles and are capable of stalking their prey unnoticed.


· Mage

o Mages are profound magical users who conjure arcane spells and abilities in combat, and the Pandarens’mastery of Chi helps in this regard.


· Rogue

o Killers for hire, some Pandarens have chosen the life of a mercenary Rogue in order to capitulate on the opportunity to acquire instant Gold.


· Priest

o Devoted followers of a religious belief, Pandaren Priests are always ready to assist those in need through their astounding healing prowess and beneficial auras.


· Shaman

o Shamans are adept controllers of the elements, and Pandarens that choose this path excel in the summoning of Totems and destructive elemental spells.


· Monk

o The cultural way of life for most of the Pandarens, Monks are proficient martial artists whom favour unarmed combat instead of conventional means of weaponry.


· Death Knight

o A handful of Pandarens have been known to be recruited under the Lich King’s domain, and they are now free of their master’s influence in order to find redemption in a new form of life.


When deciding to play as a Pandaren, your Home Continent will be of:


· Pandaria


o Mysterious and unexplored, Pandaria is the homeland of the Pandarens for countless centuries, untouched by the outside world until its protective mist was removed by the Cataclysm events.


The Pandarens pride themselves of their racial mount, the Dragon Turtle, which is tough as nails under their robust shells and full of gutso in terms of personality.


Formally, there are two (2) leaders of the Pandaren, each of them are Aysa Cloudsinger from the Tushui faction and Ji Firepaw from the Huojin clan.


These are the brief summary about the Pandarens that could certainly help ease your transition inside the game.


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