WoW Classic Deadly Powers of the Shaman Class Introduction

2021-10-28 00:00:00

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All WoW classes are undoubtedly powerful in their own unique ways, yet the Shaman possesses great innate combat prowess and synergy with Nature’s elements that they are capable of becoming both damage dealers and also divine healers at the same time!




Combat in WoW is both challenging yet satisfying when all of your hits and damages counter those of your opponents’ much more effectively.


Amongst the selection of diverse and special character classes that are on offer in the game, the Shaman is considered one of the most flexible, able to annihilate enemies in both melee and ranged combat (via elemental attacks!).


If you have never tried out the Shaman class before, here are the things to consider when opting for this tried-and-true character profession:


· Raw, brutal melee damage

· Elemental powers to utilize from afar

· Ability to use Totems to amplify their potency on the battlefield

· Able to heal both themselves and allies, making them dangerous during combat

· Abilities draw energy from Mana and Maelstrom

· Wears Mail Armour and able to wield Shields

· The weapons that Shamans are able to use are Daggers, Fist Weapons, Axes, Maces and Staves


The Shaman has three (3) Class Specializations to explore, each being:


· Elemental

o Gathers the energy and arcane elements of nature to be used against foes.


· Enhancement

o Utilizing the blessings of Totems to empower both you and your allies to devastating effect.


· Restoration

o Masters of the healing properties of water, you are able to mend wounds that are commonly known to be grievous.


The Races that are able to become Shamans are:


· Dwarf

· Draenei

· Pandaren

· Dark Iron Dwarf

· Kul Tiran


The Shaman is capable of becoming one of the most dependable classes in the game if you have found the perfect skill balances to be perfected in the game.


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