WoW Classic The Unholy Priest Class Introduction

2021-10-21 00:00:00

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WoW’s glorious character classes encompass every role of a small raid party, and one of those classes adopts the role of a healer or support impressively – the unyielding Priest!




The never-ending conflicts between the Alliance, the Horde, and other notable factions like the Scourge and the Burning Legion have transformed the beautiful and peaceful world of Azeroth into one plagued with strife and chaos.


Some regions of the land are still safe from such troubles, but there is no guarantee of peace until all dark forces that hide amongst the shadows are vanquished forever.


In WoW, one of the most devoted character classes which strive to protect the innocence of the Light is the important Priest, capable of healing allies en masse while also able to conjure defensive boons to aid in quests!


Healers are extremely crucial for any party to complete in-game Raids and Dungeons, and Priests take up this role very effectively.


If you consider yourself an indispensable saviour of your team, then the Priest class is definitely the one for you, with distinct playing styles to enjoy such as:


· A powerful Healer of a party

· Able to cast destructive Spells and Effects to destroy foes!

· Utilizes Mana and Insanity as their ability resources

· Adorns Cloth Armour which lacks the protection of Heavy Armour but ensures nimble weight to allow conjuring spells

· Proficient with the use of Daggers, One-Handed Maces, Staves and Wands

· Masters of defensive spells and aura

· Possess a nifty trick up their sleeve – the ability to Mind Control!


The Priest also has three (3) unique Class Specializations for you diversify your overall character build:


· Discipline

o The steadfast alignment where your defensive prowess maximizes your shield spells and healing abilities.


· Holy

o Prioritizes healing effects to simultaneously provide continuous life-saving effects for your party while also able to use such buffs to devastate foes!


· Shadow

o Under the pious veil, Priests are also able to manipulate the sinister powers like Void Magic to annihilate enemies at the cost of their own soul.


Thus far, the only Races that are able to become Priests are:


· Human

· Dwarf

· Night Elf

· Gnome

· Draenei


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