WoW Classic: Another TBC Questionnaire Has Rolled Out

2021-01-06 00:00:00

WoW Classic players had the chance to take part in another survey regarding The Burning Crusade servers. The survey includes some questions about how players would like to transition into TBC and experience the possible re-release of the first WoW expansion. Although, it was never officially confirmed or announced by Blizzard, classic The Burning Crusade servers are most likely coming. There was another survey asking players about TBC. If Blizzard decided to roll out a second survey it means that the first one had a good response and many players showed interest in TBC servers. Players were asked about their level of interest in TBC servers. Five options, ranging from very unlikely to very likely, are available. There was a question about fresh Wow Classic servers that would basically restart the game all over. This server would have content updates to add the new features just like it was in WoW Classic with the six update phases. Players were also asked if they'd prefer to play fresh WoW Classic, the current WoW Classic, or Classic TBC. The participants were also asked to rate their experience with WoW Classic activities such as PvP, dungeons, battlegrounds, raids, questing, role-playing, leveling, crafting, mount and pet collecting, and talking with buddies. They were also asked about their favorite game features and content. Blizzard is also interested in why players want to keep playing WoW Classic. They also want to know about WoW-related activities such as watching streamers, browsing community websites such as WoWhead, using the companion app, and a few more. Players were also asked about the info they get from third-party sites and addons. An inquiry about the behavior of other players was made as well. The first survey asked players how they would like to start the Classic TBC experience. The response included a variant that allowed players to move into TBC just like a normal expansion update with the option to transfer to a server that would never transition into TBC. They were also given the choice of starting a level 1 or 58 character on a new TBC realm. The last option included playing the normal WoW Classic with the option of transferring to a TBC server. A few months ago, we saw some rumors about beta testing for Classic TBC servers. The rumor also contained info about the Naxxramas release date which happened to coincide. According to the rumor, we can expect Classic TBC to enter beta in March/April 2021. If you need WoW Classic Gold, remember you can buy it in GoldPiles. 

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