WoW Shadowlands Grateful Offerings Currency

2021-09-30 00:00:00

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If you have progressed far into the ShadowlandsCovenant quest line, then the Anima Conductor is your means of completing objectives which will reward you with the obscure in-game currency known as Grateful Offerings.

There are already many existing forms of currency that are already made available in WoW: Shadowlands.


They are not explicitly clear right at the beginning, but most of them will eventually be introduced later on in the game especially during the end-game.


One such example is the Grateful Offerings.


This rare collection of resource is only possible to be obtained if you have managed to create an Anima Conductor inside your respective Covenant.


Every day, by investing 25 Anima into the machine, streams of new daily objectives will pop up, rewarding you with Grateful Offerings at the end each completion.


So far, this is the only way to acquire said resource and is quite limited due to the number of times that you are allowed to use the Anima Conductor per day.


However, in due time, the Grateful Offerings that you amass will offer you great items for unlocking too.


At the moment, the Covenant vendors that are known to sell items for Grateful Offerings are:


· Bastion:


o Adjutant Galos

o Forgelite Neptira


· Maldraxxus:


o Su Zettai

o Slayer Araya


· Ardenweald:


o Elwyn

o Mar’lan

o Spindlenose


· Revendreth:


o Chachi the Artiste

o Gregor the Pallidblade


These respective individuals will offer you grand items in exchange for a combination of Grateful Offerings plus other required currencies (Anima, Polished Pet Charm) as well.


One notable example is the Willowbreeze pet that can be bought from Spindlenose, requiring 250 Polished Pet Charms + 5 Grateful Offerings.


Transmogrification is also a possibility here, assuming you are also of the required Renown level too.


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