WoW Shadowlands Timewalking Back to Legion Expansion

2021-09-24 00:00:00

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With the next anticipated game update coming later this year – Patch 9.1.5 – ‘Timewalking’ instances have now returned for you to rediscover past Dungeons which will be set around the previous Legion game expansion!

WoW: Shadowlands’ latest end-game content such as Tower of Torghast has now seen some massive decline in player engagements throughout the past few months.


Although this may come down to overall player burnout, some people may argue that the game is still in need of a new story narrative especially given the unsatisfying Sylvanas Windrunner conclusion at the end of Chains of Domination.


As we gear ourselves for the next big patch dubbed Patch 9.1.5 coming later this year, one major time-limited feature seems to have made its way back to WoW: Shadowlands – Timewalking Dungeons!


Essentially, you will be allowed to travel back in time in order to challenge previous Dungeons of old expansions.


Doing so will grant you Timewarped Badges which unlocks various rewards in the game.


For Patch 9.1.5, here are some of the best Timewalking rewards that will be coming (based on Legion’s expansion):


· Favour of the Val’Sharah Hippogryph


o Unlocked for 5,000 Timewarped Badges.

o An exclusive Hippogryph mount which existed during the Legion expansion.


· Replica of the Aegis of Agrammar


o A purely cosmetic item, this Aegis of Agrammar skin is a cool item to unlock for your Warrior, Paladin or Shaman.

o Locked at 3,000 Timewarped Badges.


· Nightborne weapon skins


o Unique Nightborne aesthetics for your weapons will also be traded for Timewarped Badges.

o The Nightborne weapon skins will be for:

§ Shield

§ Longbow

§ Staff

§ Mace

§ Sword (2)

o Their prices will be around 35 – 100 Timewarped Badges each.


· Nightborne Guard’s Vigilance (toy)


o This toy item creates a radial aura which detects any hidden enemies around you.

o Purely for the giggles, this one is supposedly sold for 1,500 Timewarped Badges.


Tune in for more Patch 9.1.5 information as we move closer to the next major game update later this year!


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