WoW TBC Classic What to Expect in Phase 2

2021-08-20 00:00:00

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With the upcoming release of Phase 2 for The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC), here are a couple of notable changes which will be introduced into the game soon:




WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC) is undoubtedly already packed to the brim with incredible content, yet some players are always ready to anticipate more coming especially in the form of end-game content.


As previously explained by the developers, WoW TBCC will be rolling out its expansive contents in phases, and it looks like Phase 2 will be coming in within the next few weeks (or even days!).


If you are wondering about the expected improvements that will be introduced into the game, here are some of the more important ones:




Two (2) new Raid instances will be welcomed into WoW: TBCC come Phase 2 later on, which are:


· Tempest Keep

o The home throne of Kael’thas Sunstrider, Prince of the Blood-Elves, you can expect some incredibly difficult challenges barring you from glory here in this former Naaru temple.


· Serpentshrine Cavern

o The hidden lair of Lady Vashj, here is where you finally trade blows with Illidan’s first lieutenant of the Illidari, the Lady of the Naga.




Make new allies in the form of the Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard!


· Ogri’la

o A secluded tribe of Blade’s Edge Ogres that have utilized the Apexis Crystals for their empowerment and guidance.


· Sha’tari Skygard

o A Naaru group which still resides in Outland, the Sha’tari Skygard is the aerial arm of the Sha’tar which seeks to defend their home against any invading forces.




A couple of quality-of-life changes can also be expected as well, which seems similar to the original content being introduced in The Burning Crusade (original):


· Guild Banks

o A massively shared in-game storage space for guild members to store, donate and share items, equipment and even Gold when needed.


· Swift Flight Form

o Exclusively for Druid players, this mode will allow you to quickly transform into an aerial beast capable of making flight around the Overworld map.


There are loads more of content and improvements which will be explained further in detail once it finally launches later this month.


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