WoW: Mega Soul Ash

2021-05-06 00:00:00

With patch 9.1 of WoW, Legendarys can be upgraded by two ranks and thanks to this increase to item level 250 or 260. So, this demonstrates that the item level of the expanded Legendarys is the item level above what the last two bosses drop from the Sanctum of Dominion in mythical mode.

Couse the soul ash cost is not increasing (according to Dataminers) we will use another resource to upgrade Legendarys from Rank 4. Furthermore, Progenian Fragment was found in the game files, but it is not known where this material can be found. Craftsmen should be able to use it to produce Vestige of Origins and this will increase the item level of a legendary item. The recipe for this optional reagent has not yet been found on the remainder of the server. And it is possible that players may get it from the new raid.

In an interview with Preach, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that mega soul ash will be called Soul Cinders in patch 9.1 and that this new resource will be used to upgrade Legendarys to rank 5 and 6. Soul Cinders drop in Torghast from level 9. The "old" soul ash is still used to upgrade Legendarys up to rank 4. A refund or reforge system will not yet be able to be implemented with Patch 9.1, according to Hazzikostas.

As WoW's Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed in an interview, players will not need soul ash beyond Rank 4 to upgrade Legendarys with Patch 9.1 from WoW Shadowlands. Dataminers from found a new resource called "Mega Soul Ash" with the description "Soul ash, but mega" in the game files from the PTR.

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