WofW Classic: A Special Event for Halloween

2020-10-08 00:00:00

Halloween is around the corner and like every year during this period, many entertainment media follow the trend. Video games developers have been known over the years to add Halloween themed events or easter eggs in their game. WofW Classic is no different and will have its themed event named Hallow’s End 2020. This event will allow the players to win different rewards like cosmetic items, pets, toys, and the possibility to earn a rare mount.

Hallow’s end event in life on both original and WofW classic with big differences between those two versions. The event has an in-game justification. It is a Forsaken Undead’s holiday when they celebrate the day they regained their freedom from the Lich King. Veterans of the franchise will find that funny while newcomers will mostly care for the activities and rewards they will gain during the event.

The players will be able to participate in different activities that will allow them to unlock different rewards. The Pumpkin bag for example is a bag with 16 slots that you can collect from level 50+ undead enemies. Trick or treating will allow you to talk to an innkeeper once per hour. You can then be tricked and transformed into something else or receive a trick bag that can contain candies, masks, or wands that can apply costumes to friendly players.

The apple bobbing game available in the inns of the game will allow you to win bobbing apple that will heal you and boost your stamina and spirit. During the event, you will be able to try Hallow's End Orphan Treats Questline a fun quest available for a limited time. The quest will be different for each faction. You can also find candy vendors in the game; you will find Katrina Shimmerstar in Ironforgeand Rachelle Gothena in Orgrimmar.

The Wickerman festival quests are the real highlights of Hallow’s end lore-wise, you will have the opportunity to complete specific tasks that will increase your reputation with your faction. The stinkbomb quests will allow Horde players to throw stinkbombs in Southshore while Alliance players have to clean the mess. The PvP quests will vary according to your faction and will allow you to vandalize enemies’ cities.

Lastly, you will be able to obtain the Invocation of the Wickerman Buff, which will increase your Health Regen, Mana Regen, and Stamina by 25% for two hours. As for other activities in the event, the way to obtain these buffs will change according to your faction.

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(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Chong Fang)

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