World of Warcraft First Details About Patch

2021-09-04 00:00:00

Goldpiles has unbeatable WoW TBC  Classic goldprices and offers! We don't know when World of Warcraft Patch 9.1.5 will go live, but we have some info about it. Some of the patch contents have been announced in blue posts. It's likely that Patch 9.15 will not be as big as Chains of Domination. The last WoW patch brought a new zone, raid, mega-dungeon, and several new features. Patch 9.1.5 will include more customization options and changes to old features. If you ever run out of World of Warcraft gold, Goldpiles has got you covered.


What We Know About World of Warcraft Patch 9.1.5


Judging by what we know so far, Patch 9.1.5 has a strong focus on customization. The patch will add more travel forms for the Druid class. We will find out at a later date what these forms will be. The Shadowlands expansion enhanced the customization features for most of the races. However, some of the allied races were left behind. If you are playing a Lightforged Draenei or a Nightborne, you will be glad to know that more ways to personalize your character will be available once Patch 9.15 hits the live servers. These options refer to more hairstyles and colors. Skin colors and facial hair options are not missing either. Draenei-specific features such as horn and tail customization will be available as well. Accessories and tattoos are too part of the plan. Void Elves will have more size options for their ears. The hair options selection expands with five natural colors. The Highmountain Taurens will be getting more customization as well. Players aligned with the Night Fae covenant will have more soul and critter shapes. The latter options include small animal shapes like critters. However, you can only transform into such a shape in a rested area. The initial plan was not to add more customization until the next expansion after Shadowlands. Players requested more options and this made Blizzard change their mind. So, they've decided to add more customization options sooner than it was planned. Players have also requested the possibility to solo island expeditions. This is part of the Battle for Azeroth content. Even though they don't receive relevant Shadowlands rewards, players still visit islands for vanity items. The trouble is that the island expeditions were designed as party activities. The developers are modifying them so that players can complete these expeditions without the help of other adventurers.

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