World of Warcraft Have You Explored Korthia Yet

2021-08-06 00:00:00

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Chains of Domination introduces a new zone, Korthia. Players can simply walk into it from the southern part of the Maw but there's little point in doing that because you won't have access to the content just by reaching it. Players are advised to first complete the second chapter in the Chains of Domination campaign. They will unlock objectives in World of Warcraft Korthia. Each part of the chapter gives access to some features in this new area. Korthia portals from Oribos and the Maw can be used after completing the quests. It's worth noting that you only need to do these introductory quests only on one character and all your other characters gain full access to Korthia as well.


What You Need to Know About Korthia


Chain of Domination introduces flying mounts to Shadowlands. However, you cannot fly in WoW Korthia. Mounts in Korthia work just like in the Maw. Eventually, you will be able to use ground mounts in the new zone. The Keeper's Respite is the main quest hub in Korthia. This is where players will find all the important NPCs. It has a flight path as well. You can take Covenant daily quests from here. Korthia is home to the new Death's Advance faction.Gaining reputation with this faction will unlock many useful rewards. The Archivist's Codex is another Korthia-based faction. This new zone opens many activities. It's a good idea to pick up the weekly quest and complete it. This quest has multiple tasks that require completing activities in the Maw and Korthia. Activities refer to daily quests, treasure hunting, and killing rare mobs. The rewards for the weekly quest include reputation with the new and old Shadowlands factions, gold, legendary crafting mats, anima, and more. Several rare beasts roam Korthia. They have a chance to drop companions and mounts. Daily events are available as well. Players can obtain mounts from these events. Chains of Domination has catch-up mechanics that allow players to get 200+ ilvl equipment. Korthia may be a new zone but that doesn't make the Maw old news just yet. The patch adds more content to the Maw. We have bi-weekly events in which players take part in Covenant Assaults. Tormentors of Torghast is another new Maw event. It requires players to kill mobs. Patch 9.1 is the first massive Shadowlands update. It features a new raid, mega-dungeon, and many new features.

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