World of Warcraft: Changes Coming In Chains Of Domination

2021-05-26 00:00:00

New patch notes have been pulled from the World of Warcraft Shadowlands test servers where Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination can be previewed. We have good news for players that didn't max out their Renown yet. They will be able to get it as an extra reward from various activities. Some of the classes have received updates. We have changes for PvE and also for PvP abilities.


WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Brings Class Changes


We will start with the PvE updates. The biggest change concerns the Mistweaver specialization for Monks. Several abilities such as Tiger Palm and Rising Sun Kick have received a damage increase. Enveloping Mist costs less mana. Death Knight's Anti-Magic Zone has a greater cooldown of three minutes from two, it lasts for eight seconds from 10, and it dissipates after it soaks up a defined amount of damage. Affliction Warlocks have a new conduit that empowers Shadow Bolt and Drain Soul. The Shadowburn damage from the Destruction specialization gives a 23% damage increase. On the PvP front, we have Hunters receiving the biggest changes so far. Chimaeral Sting is a new talent for PvP in Chains of Domination. The Hunting Pack talent gives Aspect of the Cheetah to party members that are within 15 yards of the Hunter. A few PvP talents such as Spider Sting and Wild Protector are no longer in the game. The Marksmanship specialization gets a new PvP talent called Consecutive Concussion. Shamans get two new PvP talents but lose Purifying Waters. Warrior's Demolition gives 500% more absorbs shields damage. Some of the classes have new Runecarving powers.


World of Warcraft Patch 9.1 Adds More Content


Probably the most hated area of WoW Shadowlands, the Maw, gets a new zone. It is called Korthia and it will have daily quests, rare monsters, and treasures. Another Shadowlands-specific feature, Torghast, gets an update too. Players that have climbed to Layer 9 unlock the option to transfer Soul Ash to one of their alts. There are also changes regard dungeons and raids. Players can get a Mythic keystone by talking to an NPC in Oribos. They just need to complete one WoW Shadowlands dungeon on Mythic+. The same NPC will spawn at the end of a Mythic+ dungeon completed in time. He will allow players to change a key. Bosses in the Sanctum of Domination raid will drop Shards of Domination. These items are used to upgrade select pieces of equipment from this raid. Players will be able to get more rewards from the Great Vault. Patch 9.1 release date is still unknown.

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