World of Warcraft: Everything you need to know about Sylvanas Windrunner

2021-07-23 00:00:00

Let’s start this article with the origins of Sylvanas Windrunner. In her previous life, she was a high elve and the Ranger-General of Silvermoon, a rank that made her the military leader of her race. As the ranger-general, she was known for her incredible skills as well as her cunning and tactical prowess. Her life was forever changed for the worse, when she met Prince Arthas Menethil who was on his way to destroy Quel'Thalas the homeland of the high elves. Her efforts to prevent Arthas’ advance caused him to develop hatred towards her and upon killing her with his cursed sword Frostmourne, he promised her that she would not rest even in death. True to his word, he brought her back as a banshee to serve him and the scourge.

After she regained control of her actions thanks to Ner'zhul's and Arthas power weakening, she became the queen of the forsaken, members of the Scourge who became independent. Under her rule, the Forsaken joined the forces of the Horde and helped defeating the Lich King, completing her long awaited revenge. She remained one of the leaders of the Horde for a long time and was behind the events of Shadowlands. After defeating the Lich King Bolvar Fordragon and his Scourge, she took the Helm of Domination and destroyed it, tearing the veil between the real world and the Shadowlands.

Recently, it was revealed that Sylvanas was working with the Jailer, the evil ruler of the Maw in the Shadowlands. She was part of the Jailer’s plan to escape from his prison and discovered that he did not intend to give free will to everybody but he wanted to create a new reality where all would serve him. After that reveal, Sylvanas was offered a part of her soul that she lost against Arthas.

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