World of Warcraft: Mythic Rating Comes In Chains Of Domination

2021-07-16 00:00:00

WoW mythic+ rating is not a new concept for players. The website and addon have been used for a few years now to rate players' mythic+ and raid progress. The Chains of Domination patch introduces a native World of Warcraft mythic+ rating tool. This new feature aims to give players a new way to rate their progress and also to give them more reasons to clear higher mythic+ dungeons. Players can check out their rating and progress from the Mythic+ dungeons tab found in the Group Finder menu. This new feature doesn't display just a number. If players move the mouse over the rating they will notice a tool-tip that says what the rating is and how to make it better. As you can imagine, the players' goal is to increase their ratings. This is done by completing new dungeons and beating your best time in a dungeon that has been cleared before. When players clear a dungeon for the first time, their rating gets a big increase. It's a good idea to complete them all at least once. Another great boost is earned by clearing mythic+ dungeons on both fortified and tyrannical. If players finish the dungeon in time, their mythic+ key will be upgraded and they will receive a mythic+ rating increase. If a member of the group beats their personal time, the entire group gets valor points as a bonus. The WoW mythic+ rating takes three factors into consideration. We have the key's level, the key's affixes, and the total time. If you move the mouse over a dungeon, you will see your rating, fortified best time, and tyrannical best time for that dungeon. Each new season comes with a World of Warcraft mythic+ ratings reset. Players can see each others' ratings. When browsing the Premade Groups, players can see the rating of the group's leader and the leader can see the rating of those who apply to their group. Leaders will see the overall rating and the rating for that particular dungeon. Do you like this new feature or do you think the addon was better?

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